Hokulea visits South Africa

I feel a little backstory is needed for this particular video.

This an editing project that ran this week that was in the works for about a month but the excursion took place back in November. It was a unique project because it required a little more planning and coordination than what I was used to.

The voyaging canoe Hokulea is in the  middle of its Malama Honua, a three-year-long sailing voyage around the world. Exactly halfway from Hawaii is the country of South Africa so it made sense for Hokule’a to sail there and mark it as the halfway point of its journey. Joining them were a bunch of Native Hawaiian high schoolers from Hawaii who were privileged enough to fly to South Africa for the week.

The plan was for one of our Star-Advertiser reporters, Marcel Honore, to travel to South Africa ahead of time and greet them, follow them around and do some reporting. As part of the reporting he brought along a GoPro camera and documented much of the crew’s expeditions in South Africa.

After his visit, our reporter Marcel brought back almost 200 video clips from the GoPro!

After looking through them all and organizing them in a way that made sense, (by the days), we all decided that rather than one person editing everything, it would be a collaborative effort from the video team.

So, with the help of Marcel, we planned out the way we would tackle such a daunting amount of clips.

Ultimately we decided that the best thing to do would be to videotape Marcel himself and interview him about his time there. Since I was working nights, I couldn’t do it so the task went to someone else. But the interview was eventually done and then came the time to edit the project.

One other aspect we decided was that instead of one big video, we’d split it into six smaller ‘episodes’ each with a specific topic i.e. Hokule’a’s arrival, meeting Desmond Tutu, etc. That way, the work was much more manageable and could be spread out much more evenly. But as a fun experiment I decided to put the clips together into one big one anyway.

I ended up editing most of the videos but that made sense; everyone else was so busy with their work, that they didn’t have time to really edit much. Not that I wasn’t busy too, but since I worked mostly overnight throughout December, it meant that I had more free time to power through the videos.

The end result was pretty much what we were planning: six episodes of all varying topics, but centered around the theme of Hokulea visiting South Africa.

Overall I’m pretty proud of these videos. They challenged me in different ways, one of which was to have at least a plan when it comes to editing multiple videos so that I don’t get lost or confused.

They also challenged me to really edit down my videos since six 1-2 minute videos were much easier to edit than six 4-5 minute videos. It also meant that I had to take out a lot of aspects that, while I liked, didn’t have anything to do with the story.

I went into the project with a documentary-like vision in mind and I hope it comes across.

My only tiny regret is that I couldn’t come up with a satisfying ending to my longform video. If you watch the end it just kinda… stops. But hey, all part of the learning process I guess.

What you all see here is the longform version of our project but if you want to see the six episodes as well as Marcel’s story, click here.


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