Hokulea visits South Africa

I feel a little backstory is needed for this particular video. This an editing project that ran this week that was in the works for about a month but the excursion took place back in November. It was a unique project because it required a little more planning and coordination than what I was used to. TheContinue reading “Hokulea visits South Africa”

Lakers and Jazz in Hawaii

Earlier this month the Los Angeles Lakers and the Utah Jazz came to Hawaii to compete in two NBA preseason exhibition games. In front of a sold out crowd of loving sports fans at the Stan Sheriff Center, the Lakers and Jazz battled it out for two days in order to prepare for the upcoming NBA season.Continue reading “Lakers and Jazz in Hawaii”

2015 Hawaii VA Games

CrossFit’s always intrigued me. While it’s not my particular brand of tea when it comes to fitness (it always seemed a little too intense, and I much prefer traditional weightlifting), I’ve always enjoyed watching it whether on television or live. What particularly draws me to CrossFit (aside from the incredible physiques) is the community aspect;Continue reading “2015 Hawaii VA Games”