Baseball / Softball week at UH

With another Tuesday comes another “Go Green” special this time profiling Rainbow Wahine senior softball right fielder Keiki Carlos.

As with every “Go Green” feature, I filmed an interview with Keiki at UH and followed up with shooting b-roll of the Rainbow Wahine during practice later that day.

Shooting Keiki’s interview was particularly challenging because we filmed in what I thought would be a quiet place with decent lighting; the hallway of the T.C. Ching athletic complex. Just as class was getting out. Silly me.

So as you can imagine, the background noise wasn’t particularly great thanks to the hustle and bustle of the student athletes all either getting out of class or going to their next one. One jerk even managed to walk behind Keiki as she was giving her interview. Thankfully she paused long enough to let him pass though to be fair, he was staring at his iphone the entire time so he probably didn’t notice. Still though. Good lesson for me to speak up when people could potentially nuke a shot.

Thankfully, her audio came out great due to the wireless lav mic attached to her shirt. Overall she answered everything genuinely, if a bit nervously.

Later in the day, I stuck around to film the Rainbow Wahine during their practice. Since practice including striking relatively large balls with large metal bats, I figured it was best to film at a fairly safe distance for you know, protection.

I stayed for more or less the entire practice filming from the stands, catching basic hitting and fielding. It was a great exercise in keeping an eye out for the action and moving quickly to film it.

Also on the plate was a special preview of the Rainbow Warrior baseball team and while I didn’t shoot the baseball b-roll, I shot the interviews the same day as I was filming softball. But since the softball stadium was right across from the baseball stadium, I wasn’t bothered by it.

I did however have a hell of a time trying to get in. After wandering around the baseball stadium a few times, (and probably getting my steps in for my Fitbit), I eventually found an unlocked door and was able to get inside. Once in, I found and filmed UH head coach Mike Trapasso and catcher/infielder Chayce Ka’aua being interviewed by Billy Hull, the Star-Advertiser reporter covering baseball.

Since UH baseball doesn’t allow us to film them during practice, the b-roll came from Stan Lee, who filmed the Rainbow Warriors during an alumni game.

The Rainbow Warriors were set to face the Vulcans at UH-Hilo which ended up being the main topic for most of the interview.

It should be noted that at the time of writing this, the preview and Go Green videos will have been almost a week old, so for results for both baseball and softball, check out the Star-Advertiser website.

It was a busy day of walking back and forth between baseball and softball, but the videos didn’t need to go up until Thursday and Friday last week so I had a couple of days to put it together and because I shifted my schedule to an earlier time, I now had more time to concentrate on video work. Overall it was a busy but good week of video shooting and editing and if there’s a lesson to be learned, it’s don’t film in a crowded area where noise could potentially ruin your shots.


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