Hawaii Highlights: Na Mea Kupono

It’s finally here!

This is the first in a summerlong series, Hawaii Highlights, I’ve been working on with my friend and Star-Advertiser reporter Alyssa Amasol. The point is to showcase some of Oahu’s more off-the-beaten-path attractions and Na Mea Kupono is definitely an attraction people should see.

A seven-acre taro patch, the area is maintained by Kuuipo Garrido and her family. Their goal is to promote Native Hawaiian culture and taking care of the planet through taro farming. Not only do they teach taro farming, they also have native Hawaiian games and food for those interested to enjoy while they work.

The area is in Waialua so it’s a bit of a drive, but once you get there, you really do feel like you’re stepping back in time; there’s not a whole lot of modern machinery, everything is hand-made.

What’s most interesting though is for all that they do, Kuuipo and her family don’t consider their wetland patch a “tourist” attraction and as a result, they don’t have a whole lot of promotion. Instead, they see it more as a learning experience, one that hopefully more people will pick up.

So, if you’re interested in learning more about Native Hawaiian culture especially taro, give Na Mea Kupono a look!

To read the full story, click here!


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