Hikianalia returns to Oahu from Tahiti

After 28 days at sea, the Hikianalia finally returned home to Oahu Tuesday. The voyaging canoe sailed from Tahiti after almost a year of escorting her sister ship, Hokule’a on the Malama Honua worldwide sail.

This was the first time I worked together with my other videographer coworker, using two separate cameras to capture the landing of the canoe.

We’d gotten information that the ship was going to come in on Tuesday afternoon but we were unsure of the specific time. So, that lead to myself and my coworker going to Sand Island a little early. But, eventually we got set up with me being in the middle of the crowd while my partner, being more mobile, roamed the less crowded areas where it would be easier to film the canoe coming in.

After finally docking, the crew, who hadn’t stepped on land for nearly a month, were greeted with leis and hugs from their loved ones. Some of them carried so many leis you’d think they were graduating from school, which in a way, they were!

I could feel the love for every crew member and got the sense that this was more than just an ocean trip; it was a chance to reconnect with ancient Hawaiian culture, navigating by the stars.

The Hikianalia may have docked on Oahu for now, but I have a feeling she’ll have plenty more adventures ahead on the Pacific Ocean.


Published by stonthat

Video Reporter and videographer at the Honolulu Star-Advertiser. Lover of comics, beginning photographer, master foodie.

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